Vol 48, No 1 (2024)

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Overview papers

An Overview on Robot Process Automation: Advancements, Design Standards, its Application, and Limitations PDF
Rajkumar Palaniappan

Regular papers

Application of Agent-Based Modelling in Learning Process PDF
Natasha Stojkovikj, Limonka Koceva Lazarova, Aleksandra Stojanova, Marija Miteva, Biljana Zlatanovska, Mirjana Kocaleva
A Novel Fuzzy Modified RAFSI Method and its Applications in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problems PDF
Garima Bisht, A. K. Pal
A Deep Learning Model for Context Understanding in Recommendation Systems PDF
Ngo Le Huy Hien, Luu Van Huy, Hoang Huu Manh, Nguyen Van Hieu
Identification of Students’ Confusion in Classes from EEG Signals using Convolution Neural Network PDF
Rekha Sahu, Satya Ranjan Dash, Amarendra Baral
A Hybrid Feature Selection Based on Fisher score and SVM-RFE for Microarray Data PDF
Hind Hamla, Khadoudja Ghanem
Prediction of Author’s Profile basing on Fine-Tuning BERT model PDF
Bassem Bsir, Nabil Khoufi, Mounir Zrigui
Liver Disease Classification - An XAI Approach to Biomedical AI PDF
Ebenezer Agbozo, Daniel Musafiri Balungu
Simulation for Dynamic Patients Scheduling based on Many Objective Optimization and Coordinator PDF
Ali Nader Mahmed, M. N. M. Kahar
Multimedia VR Image Improvement and Simulation Analysis Based on Visual VR Restructuring Algorithm PDF
Xiangyang Xu

Technical papers

IoT Based Model for Data Analytics of KPI Platform in Continuous Process Industry PDF
Jeeva Jose, Vijo Mathew

Student papers

Generating Lyrics Using Constrained Random Walks on a Word Network PDF
Žiga Babnik, Jasmina Pegan, Domen Kos, Lovro Šubelj

Thesis summary

Enabling Decentralized Privacy Preserving Data Processing in Sensor Networks PDF
Niki Hrovatin

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