Vol 48, No 5 (2024)

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Table of Contents

Enhanced CoCoSo Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy MAGDM and Application to Financial Risk Evaluation of High-Tech Enterprises PDF
Huanwen Liu
A Study on the Recognition of Typical Movement Characteristics of Ethic Folk Dances Based on Movement Data PDF
Ying Wang
Statistical Analysis of Urban Traffic Flow Using Deep Learning PDF
Quanzhi Liu, Shuang Wu, Peng Zhang
Research on Automatic Recognition Technology of Library Books Based on Image Processing PDF
Haiyan Xun
Web News Media Retrieval Analysis Integrating with Knowledge Recognition of Semantic Grouping Vector Space Model PDF
Wenting Xiong
Efficient COVID-19 Prediction by Merging Various Deep Learning Architectures PDF
Zakariya A. Oraibi, Safaa Albasri
Improving Big Data Recommendation System Performance using NLP techniques with multi attributes PDF
Hoger K. Omar, Mondher Frikha, Alaa Khalil Jumaa
Application of Gradient Boosting Regression Model in Intelligent Distribution of E-commerce PDF
Zhaojin Zhang
Animation Vr Scene Stitching Modeling Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
Danping Chen
Edge Detection and Simulation Analysis of Multimedia Images Based on Intelligent Monitoring Robot PDF
Xiaoyan Wang, Ya Li
Comparison of Model Performance in Forewarning Financial Crisis of Publicly Traded Companies: Different Algorithmic Models PDF
Jingzheng Guo, Yan Ding
Modeling and Analysis of Integrated Electric Energy Metering Information System Integrating Operational Behavior of Interactive Robots PDF
Xiaokui Zang
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Model-based Optimization Method for Graphic Design PDF
Qi Guo, Zhen Wang
Application of Fuzzy Neural Network in Teaching Spoken English for Tourism PDF
Lin Gan
Multi-genre Digital Music Based on Artificial Intelligence Automation Assisted Composition System PDF
Anna Liu

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