Vol 47, No 7 (2023)

Online-only issue

Table of Contents

Entropy-Guided Assessment of Image Retrieval Systems: Advancing Grouped Precision as an Evaluation Measure for Relevant Retrievability PDF
Tahar Gherbi, Ahmed Zeggari, Zianou Ahmed Seghir, Fella Hachouf
Derivation of Optimized Threshold of Semantic Alignment Metrics for Intepretation of Interoperability and Reusability of Cross-enterprise Vehicle Service Interface Models PDF
Sangita De, Premek Brada, Juergen Mottok
An Analysis of Technology Issues in Mobile Augmented Reality PDF
Tito Pinandita, Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad, Farah Nadia Azman, Hidayatulah Himawan
K-CAE: Image Classification Using Convolutional AutoEncoder Pre-Training and K-means Clustering PDF
Aida Chefrour, Samia Drissi
Video Background Music Recognition and Automatic Recommendation Based on Gmm Model PDF
Wei Zhou, Ke Ma
Clarity Method of Low-illumination and Dusty Coal Mine Images Based on Improved Amef PDF
Chang Su, Ziqiang Li, Zhongliang Wei, Naizhong Xu, Quan Yuan
Analysis Implementation of the Ensemble Algorithm in Predicting Customer Churn in Telco Data: A Comparative Study PDF
Renny Puspita Sari, Ferdy Febriyanto, Ahmad Cahyono Adi
Design and Application of Neural Network-based Bp Algorithm in Speech Translation Robot PDF
Yuhan Jie
A New Multimedia Web-Data Mining Approach based on Equivalence Class Evaluation Pipelined to Feature Maps onto Planar Projection PDF
Ravi Mogili, Mandalapu Ekambaram Naidu, G Narsimha
An exploratory bibliometric analysis of the literature on the age of information-aware unmanned aerial vehicles aided communication PDF
Umar Ali Bukar, Md Shohel Sayeed, Siti Fatimah Abdul Razak, Sumendra Yogarayan, Oluwatosin Ahmed Amodu
A Robust End-to-End CNN Architecture for Efficient COVID-19 Prediction form X-ray Images with Imbalanced Data PDF
Zakariya A. Oraibi, Safaa Albasri
Fake Image Detection Using Deep Learning PDF
Raidah Salim Khudeyer, Noor Mohammed Almoosawi
Locality Improvement Scheme Based on QR Code Technique within Inverted Index PDF
Aya Abdulhussein Alyousif, Ali Adil Yassin

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