Vol 38, No 3 (2014)

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Special issue papers

Editors's Introduction to the Special Issue on "Frontiers in Network Systems and Applications" PDF
Andrzej Chojnacki, Maciej Grzenda, Andrzej Kowalski, Bohdan Macukow
Future Proof Access Networks for B2B Applications PDF
Pawel Parol, Michał Pawłowski
The Architecture of Distributed Database System in the VANET Environment PDF
Ján Janech, Emil Kršák, Štefan Toth
Prototype Implementation of a Scalable Real-Time Dynamic Carpooling and Ride-Sharing Application PDF
Dejan Dimitrijević, Vladimir Dimitrieski, Nemanja Nedić
Tiny Low-Power WSN Node for the Vehicle Detection PDF
Michal Chovanec, Michal Hodon, Lukas Cechovic

Regular papers

Genetic Algorithm with Fast Greedy Heuristic for Clustering and Location Problems PDF
Lev A. Kazakovtsev, Alexander N. Antamoshkin
A Cognitonics Approach to Computer Supported Learning in the Mexican State of Oaxaca PDF
Paul Craig, Néna Roa-Seïler, Marcela Martínez Díaz, Felipe Lara Rosano
A Chaotic Charged System Search Approach for Data Clustering PDF
Y. Kumar, G. Sahoo
Using Cognitive Tunnels in a New Approach to Building Social Elevators in the Information Society PDF
Thomas B. Kane
Use Case of Cognitive and HCI Analysis for an E-Learning Tool PDF
Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Mihaela Gabriela Țacu, Dumitru Dan Burdescu
A Database-Based Two-Phase Algorithm for Efficient and Complete Detection of siRNA Off-Target Homology PDF
Zhou Hong, Wang Hong
A Model-Based Framework for Building Self-Adaptive Distributed Software PDF
Ouanes Aissaoui, Abdelkrim Amirat, Fadila Atil

Thesis summary

Semi-automated Knowledge Elicitation for Modelling Plant Defence Response PDF
Dragana Miljkovic

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