Vol 48, No 7 (2024)

Online-only issue

Table of Contents

Building Ensemble Models with Web Services on Microservice Architecture PDF
Máté Szabó
Dynamic Unstructured Pruning Neural Network Image Super-resolution Reconstruction PDF
Shaowei Zhang, Rongwang Yin, Mengzi Zhang
Explore the Personalized Resource Recommendation of Educational Learning Platforms: Deep Learning PDF
Xiaosi Qi, Jianwei Zhao, Guochao Hu
Hierarchical Model Rule Based Nlp for Semantic Training Representation Using Multi Level Structures PDF
Fangmian Liu, Qiyuan Bian
Comparative Analysis of Support Vector Machine, Random Forest and k-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers for Predicting Remaining Usage Life of Roller Bearings PDF
Rajkumar Palaniappan
Design of Neural Network-based Online Teaching Interactive System in the Context of Multimedia-assisted Teaching PDF
Shanshan Cheng, Qianchen Yang, Huan Luo
Optimization of Asynchronous Parallel Tasks Scheduling with Multi-resource Constraints PDF
Zhang Xinyu, Liu JinJian, Zhang Guanwei, Guo Wei
A Modified Emperor Penguin Optimizer Algorithm for Solving Fixed-Charged Transshipment Problem PDF
Mohamed Meselhy Eltoukhy, Mohammad Zakaraia
A Multi-path Droplet Routing Protocol for Digital Microfluidic Biochip PDF
Jyotiranjan Swain, Sumanta Pyne
ChatGPT Tweets Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning and Data Classification PDF
Aliea Sabir, Huda Adil Ali, Maalim A. Aljabery
Interpolation Analysis of Industrial Big Data Based on KDR Knowledge Recognition Algorithm Considering Singular Value Decomposition Theory PDF
Cenglin Yao, Yongzhou Li
Analysis of Multimedia Recognition of Piano Playing Music Based on Fuzzy Neural Network PDF
Ying Li
Evaluation and Analysis of English Predicate Constructions Incorporating Multiple Linear Regression Algorithms PDF
Juanyin Liu, Xuan Fu, Ping Yin
GF-UNet:A Cropland Extraction Method Based on Attention Gate and Adaptive Feature Fusion PDF
Chuanhu Li, Yunyan Wang
Weighted Service Broker Algorithm in Cloud Environment PDF
Fatima Shannaq, Areej Alshorman, Riziq Al- Sayyed, Mohammad Shehab, Walaa Alomari

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