Vol 45, No 6 (2021)

Online-only issue

Table of Contents

Early Prediction for At-Risk Students in an Introductory Programming Course Based on Student Self-Efficacy PDF
Mona Jamjoom, Eatedal Alabdulkreem, Myriam Hadjouni, Faten Karim, Maha Qarh
Impact of emotions in social media content diffusion PDF
Shivangi Chawla, Monica Mehrotra
Fast Corner Detection in Augmented Reality Learning Management of the Corpse PDF
Undang Syaripudin, Diena Rauda Ramdania, Wine Widiawaty, Wildan Budiawan Zulfikar, Dian Sa'adillah Maylawati
Real Power Loss Reduction by Blue Noddy and European Night Crawler Optimization Algorithms PDF
Lenin Kanagasabai
Acceptance of Consumer-Oriented Health Information Technologies (CHITs): Integrating Technology Acceptance Model with Perceived Risk PDF
Mudita Sinha, Leena Fukey, Kandappan Balasubramanian, Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran, Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan
Understanding Higher Education Institution-wide CMC Systems Implementation: A Structuration Theory Perspective towards Sustainability in Developing Countries PDF
Emmanuel Dortey Tetteh, Benjamin Kwofie, Patricia Ghann
ESPS: Energy Saving Power Spectrum-Aware Scheduling to Leverage Differences in Power Ratings of Physical Hosts in Datacenters PDF
Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria, Pabitra Mohan Khilar, Sudhansu Shekhar Patra
Towards Finding Active Number of S-Boxes in Block Ciphers using Mixed Integer Linear Programming PDF
Vikas Tiwari, Neelima Jampala, Appala Naidu Tentu, Ashutosh Saxena
A Review on Performance Analysis of PDE based Anisotropic Diffusion Approaches for Image Enhancement PDF
Niveditta Thakur, Nafis Uddin Khan, Sunil Datt Sharma
Dynamic Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Hybrid Initialization Method PDF
Sabreen Fawzi Raheem, Maytham Alabbas
English Semantic Recognition Based on Intelligent Algorithm PDF
Na Deng
Supply Chain Optimization of Agricultural Products in The Internet Environment with Blockchain PDF
Peicai Guan
An optimized recognition algorithm for SSL VPN protocol encrypted traffic PDF
Kehua Xian
An enhanced online learning environment in the time of COVID-19 PDF
Shimaa Ouf
A fast prototype for modeling IP cores using in SoC with UML Marte. PDF
Benabdallah Ahcene Youcef, Boudour Rachid

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