Vol 40, No 3 (2016)

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Special issue papers

Virtual Reality in Cultural Heritage PDF
Marcello Carrozzino, Mihai Duguleana
Recommender System for Virtual Assistant Supported Museum Tours PDF
Aleš Tavčar, Antonya Csaba, Eugen Valentin Butila
Virtual Assistant Platform PDF
Damjan Kužnar, Aleš Tavčar, Jernej Zupančič, Mihai Duguleana
Using a Natural User Interface to Enhance the Ability to Interact with Reconstructed Virtual Heritage Environments PDF
Silviu Butnariu, Alexandru Georgescu, Florin Gîrbacia
Building a 3D interactive walkthrough in a digital storytelling classroom experience PDF
Marcello Carrozzino, Chiara Evangelista, Riccardo Galdieri
Using Mixed Reality and Natural interaction in Cultural Heritage Applications PDF
Raffaello Brondi, Marcello Carrozzino, Cristian Lorenzini, Franco Tecchia
An Interactive Digital Storytelling approach to explore books in Virtual Environments PDF
Cristian Lorenzini, Chiara Evangelista, Marcello Carrozzino, Cristian Postelnicu, Maurizio Maltese


IJCAI 2016 – The best AI times ever? PDF
Matjaž Gams

Regular papers

Statistic-Based Dynamic Complexity Measurement for Web Service System PDF
Chengying Mao
Adaptive Coherence-enhancing Diffusion Flow for Color Images PDF
V. B. Surya Prasath
Rough-Mereology Framework for Making Medical Treatment Decisions Based on Granular Computing PDF
Mohammed M. Eissa, Mohammed Mahfouz Elmogy, Mohamed Hashem
Tie Persistence in Academic Social Networks PDF
Djamila Mohdeb, Abdelhak Boubetra, Mourad Charikhi

Position papers

A Temporal Perspective on the Paradox of Pinocchio's Nose PDF
Matjaz Gams, Eva Černčič, Angelo Montanari

Thesis summary

Verifying Time Complexity of Turing Machines PDF
David Gajser
Front cover PDF
Back cover PDF

In Memoriam

In memoriam of Marvin Minsky PDF

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