Adaptive Coherence-enhancing Diffusion Flow for Color Images

V. B. Surya Prasath


Color image restoration is one of the fundamental problems in image processing pipelines. Variational regularization and diffusion partial differential equations (PDEs) are widely used in solving these low-level image smoothing and noise removal problems. In this paper, we consider a new adaptive coherence enhancing diffusion (CED) filter which combines anisotropic diffusion and structure tensor derived diffusion functions. By exploiting isotropic smoothing in homogeneous regions and anisotropic diffusion tensor filtering in edges and corners we obtain a PDE flow which can removing noise while preserving important image details. Compared to the original CED approach our proposed adaptive CED (ACED) obtains stable smoothing results. Experimental results on synthetic and real color images show that the proposed filter has good noise removal properties and quantitative measurements indicate it obtains better structure preservation as well.

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