Vol 47, No 10 (2023)

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Table of Contents

Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Optimization-based Fog Cloudlet Computing for Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks PDF
Ali Salah Hashim, Wid Akeel Awadh, Mohammed S. Hashim
Designing A Blockchain Approach to Secure Firefighting Stations Based Internet of Things PDF
Samaher Ahmed Yousiff, Raad A Muhajjar, Mishall H Al-Zubaidie
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on NSGA-II for Neural Network Optimization Application to the Prediction of Severe Diseases PDF
Mansouria Sekkal, Amina Benzina, Lahouari badir Benkrelifa
An Approach for Privacy Preservation Assisted Secure Cloud Computation PDF
Swathi Velugoti, M. P. Vani
Construction of College English teaching effect evaluation model based on artificial intelligence and output-oriented approach PDF
Hongjie Li
A Study of Correction Training for English Pronunciation Errors Through Deep Learning PDF
Guannan Li
A Modified Emperor Penguin Algorithm for Solving Stagnation in Multi-Model Functions PDF
Ahmed El Sayed Serag, Hegazy Zaher, Naglaa Ragaa, Heba Sayed
Construction of a model for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship quality based on artificial intelligence technology PDF
Ren Zhiyi, Zhao Nan, Shi Zhiyan
Development of Dynamic Channel Coding Strategy for Multi-User MIMO-NOMA 5G Downlink Communication by Concatenation of Coding Method PDF
Pavithra B, Parnasree Chakraborty
Study on the effect of decompression music on anxiety patients based on emotion classification algorithm PDF
Dan Zhang
Optimizing Deep LSTM Model through Hyperparameter Tuning for Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition in Smart Home PDF
Mariam El Ghazi, Noura Aknin
Modified CNN Model for Classifying Gender of Thermal Images Using Cloud Computing PDF
Alyaa Jaber Jalil, Essam Ahmed El-Seidy, Sameh Sami Daoud, Naglaa Mohammed Reda
Grad-CAM Guided preprocessing and convolutional neural network for efficient mammogram images classification PDF
Belaggoune Mohammed, Akou Anouar, Benblindia Nadjia
Research and Application of Product Design User Requirements Mining Based on Online Comments and Kano Model PDF
Zhiyuan Wang

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