Vol 46, No 9 (2022)

Online-only issue

Table of Contents

Software: Protection, Licensing and Rewarding Researchers in Computer Science – An Overview of Challenges in the European Innovation Ecosystem PDF
Urška Fric, Špela Stres, Robert Blatnik
A New Approach Based on Intelligent Method to Classify Quality of Service PDF
Dhuha Kh. Altmemi, Abdulmalik Adil Abdulzahra, Imad S. Alshawi
Study on Library Management System Based on Data Mining and Clustering Algorithm PDF
Jing Wang, Roobaea Alroobaea, Abdullah M Baqasah, Anas Althobaiti, Lavish Kansal
A Highly Accurate Internet-Based Fake Information Detection Tool for Indonesian Twitter PDF
Rizal Arifin, Gus Nanang Syaifuddiin, Desriyanti Desriyanti, Zulkham Umar Rosyidin, Ghulam Asrofi Buntoro
SADetection: Security Mechanisms to Detect SLAAC Attack in IPv6 Link-Local Network PDF
Mahmood A. Al-Shareeda, Selvakumar Manickam, Murtaja Ali Saare, Nazrool Bin Omar
Combination of machine learning algorithms and Resnet50 for Arabic Handwritten Classification PDF
Raidah Salim Khudeyer, Noor Mohammed Almoosawi
A New Method Based on Machine Learning to Increase Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Baida'a Abdul Qader Khudor, Yousif Abdulwahab Kheerallah, Jawad Alkenani
Robust Method for Embedding an Image inside Cover Image based on Least Significant Bit Steganography PDF
Sahera A. Sead Almola, Najat Hameed Qasim, Hamid Ali Abed Alasadi
Programming models-based method for deriving profits allocation scheme with interval-valued cooperative games PDF
Jian Li, LI-li Niu, Jiubing Liu, Qiongxia Chen, Yong-Jun Liu
Justifying convolutional neural network with argumentation for explainability PDF
Saung Hnin Pwint Oo, Nguyen Duy Hung, Thanaruk Theeramunkong
An integrated Method for Evaluating the Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction of Thermal Power Plants with Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers PDF
Xiaomei Lin, Xiaosheng Yan, Jiyu Lai, Dexue Deng
Feature Selection Method Based on Honeybee-SMOTE for Medical Data Classification PDF
Shobha Aswal, Neelu Jyothi Ahuja, Ritika Mehra

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