Vol 45, No 5 (2021)

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ACM Turing Award for 2020 Honors Alfred Vaino Aho and Jeffrey David Ullman PDF
Matjaz Gams

SPECIAL ISSUE ON Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Evolution of Smart Cities and Societies

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Evolution of Smart Cities and Societies PDF
Gennady Veselov, Alexey Tselykh, Ashutosh Sharma, Ruihang Huang
An Improved Lag-Time Compensation Technique in Distributed Networked Control System based on Smith Predictor PDF
Ratish Kumar, Rajiv Kumar, Madhav Ji Nigam
Regional Network Education Information Collection Platform for Smart Classrooms based on Big Data Technology PDF
Yuyao Li, Ashutosh Sharma
An Intelligent Information Management System for Retinal Image Storage and Recognition in Chronic Disease using Digital Signal and Image Processing PDF
Xiaojun Xu, Zhong Tang, Xijia He, Haixuan Wang, Anil Sharma
Research on Estimation of Paddy Field Area Index Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images PDF
Xiuli Lu, Zhou Yang, Yongli Yang, Amit Sharma
Research on Machine Translation of Deep Neural Network Learning Model Based on Ontology PDF
Yaya Tian, Shaweta Khanna, Anton Pljonkin
Attribute Reduction Algorithm Based Early Warning Model of Sports Injury PDF
Xiaofei Wang, Yonghong Guo
An Optimized Deep Learning based Technique for Grading and Extraction of Diabetic Retinopathy Severities PDF
Qiu-ming Zhang, Jing Luo, Korhan Cengiz

Regular papers

Computer-Implemented Inventions and Computer Programs – Status Quo in Slovenia and EU PDF
Urška Fric, Nina Tomić Starc
An Improved Pattern Mining Technique for Graph Pattern Analysis Using Novel Behavior of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm PDF
Shriya Sahu
Health care Expert’s readiness to implement National Unified Medical Records (NUMR) system in the United Arab Emirates; A Qualitative study PDF
Alya Harbi
CNN Based Features Extraction for Age Estimation and Gender Classification PDF
Mohammed Kamel Benkaddour
BigNFC: Novel Formal model for NFC based context-aware applications PDF
Aicha Nabet, Rachid Boudour

Technical papers

The effect of visual attention on stereoscopic lighting of museum ceramic exhibits: A virtual environment mixed with eye-tracking PDF
Xiaoqun Ai, Zhendong Wu, Ting Guo, Jiayan Zhong, Nan Hu, Chunliu Fu
Optimized Training for Convolutional Neural Network Using Enhanced Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm PDF
Akram Guernine, Mohamed Tahar Kimour

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