Vol 42, No 2 (2018)

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Overview papers

Counterexamples in Model Checking - A survey PDF
Hichem Debbi

Regular papers

Evaluation of medical image algorithms on multicore processors PDF
Damir M Demirović, Zekerijah Šabanović
A modification of the Lasso method by using the Bahadur representation for the genome-wide association study PDF
Lev V. Utkin, Yulia A. Zhuk
PSO with crossover operator applied to feature selection problem in classification PDF
Houassi Hichem, Mahdaoui Rafik, Maarouk Toufik Mesaaoud
A Multi-Agent based Approach for Simulating the Impact of Human Behaviours on Air Pollution PDF
Sabri Ghazi, Julie Dugdale, Tarek Khadir
Fast Artificial Bee Colony for Clustering PDF
Abba Suganda Girsang, Yohan Mulyono, Fanny Fanny
A Pairing Free Secure Identity-based Aggregate Signature Scheme Under Random Oracle PDF
Eman Abouelkheir, Jolanda G. Tromp
Static and incremental overlapping clustering algorithms for large collections processing in GPU PDF
Lázaro Janier González Soler, Airel Pérez Suárez, Leonardo Chang Fernández
Weighted Density Center (WDC-LEACH-C) Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) PDF
Amira Slimani, Mohammed Redjimi, Djamel Slimani
Persistent Homology and Machine Learning PDF
Primož Škraba
Research on Intelligent English Oral Training System in Mobile Network PDF
Fen Zhu
Probability matrix decomposition based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm PDF
Yili Tan, Huijuan Zhao, Yourong Wang, Min Qiu
The Decision Model for the Optimal Configuration Management of Knowledge Employees in Enterprises PDF
Chunjiang Yang, Yujiang Yang, Xiuli Tan

Student papers

Application for Viral Hepatitis Infection Risk Assessment - HEPY PDF
Alen Ajanović, Andrej Ulčar, Ana Peterlin, Karolina Počivavšek, Gašper Fele-Žorž, Anton Gradišek, Matjaž Gams, Mojca Matičič

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