Vol 41, No 3 (2017)

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Regular papers

Bipartivity Index based Link Selection Strategy to Determine Stable and Energy-Efficient Data Gathering Trees for Mobile Sensor Networks PDF
Natarajan Meghanathan
Power and limitations of formal methods for software fabrication: Thirty years later PDF
Edgar Serna M., Alexei Serna A.
Improved Lane Departure Response Distortion Warning Method based on Hough Transformation and Kalman Filter PDF
Minjian Liang, Zhou Zhou, Qingsong Song
Decision Tree based Data Reconstruction for Privacy Preserving Classification Rule Mining PDF
G. Kalyani, M.V.P. Chandra Sekhara Rao, B. Janakiramaiah
Accelerating XML Query Processing on Views PDF
Yin-Fu Huang, Yu-Hsien Cho
Optimization, Modeling and Simulation of Microclimate and Eenergy Management of the Greenhouse by Modeling the Associated Heating and Cooling Systems and Implemented by a Fuzzy Logic Controller using Artificial Intelligence PDF
Faouzi Didi, Nacereddine Bibi-Triki, Bentchikou Mohamed, Abderrahmane Abène
Improving visual vocabularies: a more discriminative, representative and compact bag of visual words PDF
Leonardo Chang, Airel Pérez-Suárez, José Hernández-Palancar, Miguel Arias-Estrada, L. Enrique Sucar
An Output Instruction Based PLC Source Code Transformation Approach For Program Logic Simplification PDF
Arup Ghosh, Shiming Qin, Jooyeoun Lee, Gi-Nam Wang

Technical papers

An Effective Meta-Heuristic Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Test Suite Optimization PDF
Manju Khari, Prabhat Kumar

Thesis summary

Classification of vegetation in aerial LiDAR data PDF
Denis Horvat
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