Vol 40, No 2 (2016)

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Special issue papers

Introduction to Special issue on “The Sixth International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology –SoICT 2015 PDF
Luc De Raedt, Yves Deville, Marc Bui, Linh Truong Dieu
A Mixed Noise Removal Method Based on Total Variation PDF
N.H. Thanh Dang, Sergey D. Dvoenko, Viet Sang Dinh
A Multi-Criteria Document Clustering Method Based on Topic Modeling and Pseudoclosure Function PDF
Quang Vu Bui, Karim Sayadi, Marc Bui
A Distributed Algorithm For Monitoring An Expanding Hole In Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Khanh-Van Nguyen, Phi-Le Nguyen, Hau Phan, Trong D. Nguyen
Protected Elastic-tree topology for Survivable and Energy-efficient Data Center PDF
Dieu-Linh Truong, Elena Ouro, Thanh-Chung Nguyen

Regular papers

MISNA: Modeling and identification of the situations of needs for assistance in ILE. PDF
nadia beggari, Taher Bouhadada
Learning Sentiment Dependent Bayesian Network Classifier for Online Product Reviews PDF
Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye, Zi Yang Pang, Alvino Mandala Putra Setiawan
FuAGGE: A Novel System to Automatically Generate Fuzzy Rule Based Learners PDF
Romaissaa Mazouni, Abdellatif Rahmoun, Eric Hervet
Software Features Extraction From Object-Oriented Source Code Using an Overlapping Clustering Approach PDF
Imad Eddine Araar, Hassina Seridi
PrefWS3: Web services selection system based on semantics and user preferences PDF
Benaboud Rohallah, Maamri Ramdane, Sahnoun Zaidi
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