Vol 39, No 3 (2015)

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Special issue papers

Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on "MATCOS-13 conference" PDF
Andrej Brodnik, Gabor Galambos
Barrier Resilience of Visibility Polygons PDF
Alexander Gilbers
The Random Hypergraph Assignment Problem PDF
Ralf Borndörfer, Olga Heismann
Strategic Deployment in Graphs PDF
Elmar Langetepe, Andreas Lenerz, Bernd Brüggemann
Relaxations in Practical Clustering and Blockmodeling PDF
Stefan Wiesberg, Gerhard Reinelt
Inter Programming Models for the Target Visitation Problem PDF
Achim Hildenbrandt, Gerhard Reinelt
Cervix Cancer Spatial Modelling for Brachytherapy Applicator Analysis PDF
Peter Rogelj, Muhamed Baraković
Detection of Ground in Point-clouds Generated from Stereo-pair Images PDF
Domen Mongus, Borut Žalik

Regular papers

IJCAI 2015 – The Worst Best Ever PDF
Matjaž Gams
Fast Heuristics for Large Instances of the Euclidean Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem PDF
C. Patvardhan, V. Prem Prakash, A. Srivastav
*MWELex – MWE Lexica of Croatian, Slovene and Serbian Extracted from Parsed Corpora PDF
Nikola Ljubešić, Kaja Dobrovoljc, Darja Fišer
Modeling Semantic Compositionality of Croatian Multiword Expressions PDF
Jan Šnajder, Petra Almić
Denoising Human-Motion Trajectories Captured with Ultra-Wideband Real-time Location System PDF
Rok Piltaver, Božidara Cvetković, Boštjan Kaluža
PGO-DLLA: Parallel Grid Optimization by the Daddy Long-Legs Algorithm for Preventing Black Hole Attacks in MANETs PDF
Khalil I. Ghathwan, Abdul Razak Yaakub

Thesis summary

The information fragmentation problem through dimensions of software, time and personal projects PDF
Matjaž Kljun
Designing Effective Mobile Augmented Reality Interactions PDF
Klen Čopič Pucihar

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