Vol 38, No 1 (2014)

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Special issue papers

Editors's Introduction to the Special Issue on "Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval" PDF
Vitaly Klyuev, Maxim Mozgovoy
Automatic Detection of Antisocial Behaviour in Texts PDF
M. Munezero, C.S. Montero, T. Kakkonen, E. Sutinen, M. Mozgovoy, V. Klyuev
Leveraging User Experience through Input Style Transformation to Improve Access to Music Search Services PDF
M. Purgina, A. Kuznetsov, E. Pyshkin
User Annotations as a Context for Related Document Search on the Web and Digital Libraries PDF
J. Ševcech, R. Moŕo, M. Holub, M. Bieliková
SOAROAD: An Ontology of Architectural Decisions Supporting Assessment of Service Oriented Architectures PDF
P. Szwed, P. Skrzyński, G. Rogus, J. Werewka

Regular papers

Artificial Immune Based Cryptography Optimization Algorithm PDF
X. Zhou, K. Liu, Z. Jin, S. Tian, Y. Fu, L. Qin
Bilinear Grid Search Strategy Based Support Vector Machines Learning Method PDF
L. Lin, Z. Xiaolong, Z. Kai, L. Jun
An Imperative of a Poorly Recognized Existential Risk: Early Socialization of Smart Young Generation in Information Society PDF
V. A. Fomichov, O. S. Fomichova
Semantic Searching Of Biological Documents Using Gene Ontology PDF
M. Mostafa, E.M.F. El Houby, A. Salah
Tricorder: Consumer Medical Device for Discovering Common Medical Conditions PDF
M. Somrak, M. Luštrek, J. Šušteršič, T. Krivc, A. Mlinar, T. Travnik, L. Stepan, M. Mavsar, M. Gams
From Qualitative to Quantitative Evaluation Methods in Multi-criteria Decision Models PDF
B.M. Boshkoska
Classifier Generation by Combining Domain Knowledge and Machine Learning PDF
V. Mirchevska

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