Vol 33, No 3 (2009)

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Special issue papers

Special Issue on Information Reuse and Integration PDF
R. Alhajj, K. Zhang
Identifying Learners Robust to Low Quality Data PDF
A.A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J.Van Hulse, A. Napolitano
A General Purpose Software Evaluation System PDF
B.H. Far, V. Mudigonda, A.-H. Elamy
Online WordNet Based Tagging System for Social Sharing and Retrieval of Images on Visited Pages PDF
T. Özyer
Dialog System for Open-Ended Conversation Using Web Documents PDF
M. Shibata, T. Nishiguchi, Y. Tomiura
Optimization of Actions in Activation Timed Influence Nets PDF
M.F. Rafi, A.K. Zaidi, A.H. Levis, P. Papantoni-Kazakos
Two-Way Mapping between Object-Oriented Databases and XML PDF
T. Naser, R. Alhajj, M.J. Ridley

Regular papers

Rate Distortion Manifolds as Model Spaces for Cognitive Information PDF
J.F. Glazebrook, R. Wallace
Comparative Study of Tripartite Identity-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols PDF
M. Hölbl, T. Welzer, B. Brumen
Semantic Graphs Derived From Triplets pplicwith Aation in Document Summarization PDF
D. Rusu, B. Fortuna, M. Grobelnik, D. Mladenić
Improving HTML Compression PDF
P. Skibinski
Coordinated UAV Manoeuvring Flight Formation PDF
H. Hexmoor, S. Rahimi, J.T. Little
Robustness and Visualization of Decision Models PDF
A. Bregar, J. Györkös, M.B. Juric
Run-time Manipulation of Programs in a Statically-Typed Language PDF
S. Greiner

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