Vol 31, No 1 (2007)

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Special issue papers

A Novel Roll-Back Mechanism for Performance Enhancement of Asynchronous Checkpointing and Recovery PDF
B. Gupta, S. Rahmi, Y. Yang
Discovering Hidden Knowledge from Biomedical Literature PDF
I. Petric, T. Urbancic, B. Cestnik
Approximate Representation of Textual Documents in the Concept Space PDF
J. Dobša, B.D. Bašic
A General Brokering Architecture Layer and its application to Video on-Demand over the Internet PDF
F. Cicirelli, L. Nigro
Entropy-Driven Parameter Control for Evolutionary Algorithms PDF
S.-H. Liu, M. Mernik, B.R. Bryant
Stopping Criteria for a Constrained Single-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm PDF
K. Zielinski, R. Laur
Introducing Open Source Software into Slovenian Primary and Secondary Schools  PDF
M. Tomazin, M. Gradišar
Usable Collaborative Email Requirements Using Activity Theory  PDF
M. Pivec, C. Trummer, J. Pripfl
Semantic Web Based Integration of Knowledge Resources for Supporting Collaboration PDF
V. Podgorelec, L. Pavlic, M. Hericko
Designing New Ways for Selling Airline Tickets  PDF
M. Vukmirovic, M. Szymczak, M. Gawinecki, M. Ganzha, M. Paprzycki
Discriminatory Algorithmic Mechanism Design Based WWW Content Replication PDF
S.U. Khan, I. Ahmad
An Efficient Chaos-Based Feedback Stream Cipher (ECBFSC) for Image Encryption and Decryption PDF
H.E.H. Ahmed, H.M. Kalash, O.S.F. Allah
Novel Broadcasting Algorithm of the Complete Recursive Network PDF
J.-F. Fang, W.-Y. Liang, H.-R. Chen, K.-L. Ng

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