Vol 30, No 1 (2006)

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Special issue papers

Introduction PDF
A. Omicini, P. Petta, M. Gams
Issues in Multiagent Resource Allocation PDF
Y. Chevaleyre, P.E. Dunne, U. Endriss, J. Lang, M. Lemaître, N. Maudet, J. Padget, S. Phelps, J.A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, P. Sousa
A Survey of Programming Languages and Platforms for Multi-Agent Systems PDF
R.H. Bordini, L. Braubach, M. Dastani, A. El F. Seghrouchni, J.J. Gomez-Sanz, J. Leite, G. O'Hare, A. Pokahr, A. Ricci
Self-Organisation and Emergence in MAS: An Overview PDF
G. Di M. Serugendo, M.-P. G. Irit, A. Karageorgos
Bio-inspired Mechanisms for Artificial Self-organised Systems PDF
M. Jean-Pierre, B. Christine, L. Gabriel, G. Pierre
Self-Organising Mechanisms from Social and Business/Economics Approaches PDF
S. Hassas, G. Di Marzo-Serugendo, A. Karageorgos, C. Castelfranchi
Applications of Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems: An Initial Framework for Comparison  PDF
C. Bernon, V. Chevrier, V. Hilaire, P. Marrow

Regular papers

Eye-Tracking Adaptable e-Learning and Content Authoring Support  PDF
M. Pivec, C. Trummer, J. Pripfl
Integration of Access Control in Information Systems: From Role Engineering to Implementation PDF
T. Romuald, C. Stéphane
A Formal Framework Supporting the Specification of the Interactions between Agents  PDF
F. Mokhati, M. Badri, L. Badri
A Review of Modular Multiplication Methods ands Respective Hardware Implementation PDF
N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle
Researchers and Development - Young Researches PDF
M. Cernetic, B. Cernetic

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