Vol 29, No 2 (2005)

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Special issue papers

Introduction PDF
N. Nedjah, L. de M. Mourelle
Investigating Strategic Inertia Using OrgSwarm PDF
A. Brabazon, A. Silva, T. Ferra de Sousa, M. O'Neill, R. R. Matthews, E. Costa
Towards Improving Clustering Ants: An Adaptive Ant Clustering Algorithm PDF
A.L. Vizine, L. N. de Castro, E. R. Hrusch
Efficient Pre-Processing for Large Window-Based Modular Exponentiation Using Ant Colony PDF
N. Nedjah, L. de M. Mourelle
Max Min Ant System and Capacitated p-Medians: Extensions and Improved Solutions PDF
F. O. de França, F. J. Von Zuben, L. N. de Castro
Application of Ant-based Template Matching for Web Documents Categorization PDF
S.L. Ong , W.K. Lai, T.S.Y. Tai, C.H. Ooi
Efficient and Scalable Communication in Autonomous Networking using Bio-inspired Mechanisms
F. Dressler
Model Checking Multi-Agent Systems PDF
M. Bourahla Bourahla, M. Benmohamed

Regular papers

Improving Branch Prediction Performance with a Generalized Design for Dynamic Branch Predictors PDF
W. M. Lin, R. Madhavaram, A. Y. Yang
Construction of Patient Specific Virtual Models of Medical Phenomena PDF
B. Potocnik, D. Heric, D. Zazula, B. Cigale, D. Bernad, T. Tomažic
System Resource Utilization Analysis Based on Model Checking Method PDF
K.-S. Bang, H.-W. Jin, C. Yoo, J.-Y. Cho
Towards Neural Network Model for Insulin/Glucose in Diabetics-II PDF
R. A. Zitar, A. Al-Jabali
A Survey of Contemporary Real-time Operating Systems PDF
S. Baskiyar N. Meghanathan
An FPGA-Based Parallel Distributed Arithmetic Implementation of the 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
A. M. Al-Haj

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