Multimodal Score-Level Fusion Using Hybrid GA-PSO for Multibiometric System

Cherifi Dalila, Hafnaoui Imane, Nait-Ali Amine


Due to the limitations that unimodal systems suffer from, Multibiometric systems have gained much interest in the research community on the grounds that they alleviate most of these limitations and are capable of producing better accuracies and performances. One of the important steps to reach this is the choice of the fusion techniques utilized. In this paper, a modeling step based on a hybrid algorithm, that includes Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm, is proposed to combine two biometric modalities at the score level. This optimization technique is employed to find the optimum weights associated to the modalities being fused. An analysis of the results is carried out on the basis of comparing the EER accuracies and ROC curves of the fusion techniques. Furthermore, the execution speed of the hybrid approach is discussed and compared to that of the single optimization algorithms, GA and PSO.

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