A Fast Chaos-Based Pseudo-Random Bit Generator Using Binary64 Floating-Point Arithmetic

Michael François, David Defour, Christophe Negre


Chaos-based cryptography is widely investigated in recent years, especially in the field of random number
generators. The paper describes a novel pseudo-random bit generator (PRBG) based on chaotic logistic
maps. Three logistic maps are combined in the algorithmic process, and a block of 32 random bits is
produced at each iteration. The binary64 double precision format is used according to the IEEE 754-2008
standard for floating-point arithmetic. This generator provides a considerable improvement of an existing
generator in the literature. Rigorous statistical analyses are carefully conducted to evaluate the quality and
the robustness of the PRBG. The obtained results showed the relevance of the proposed generator, which
is suitable even for real-time applications.

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