Design and implementation of a new intelligent warehouse management system based on MySQL database technology

Ying Zhang, Feng Pan


In order to improve the material management level of enterprises, based on MySQL database technology, this paper makes an overall design of the warehouse management system, builds a MySQL database, and realizes the design and application of a new intelligent warehouse management system. Through the operation and test of the system, the results show that the system mainly realizes the five necessary functional modules of warehouse management: basic information management, system management, procurement management, warehousing management and inventory management. In the test, the system runs normally, the unit test and integration test can meet the expected requirements, realize the functions required by the user, and get the desired results within the user's acceptable response time (within 3S). It can provide automatic and comprehensive records for the whole process of material management of the enterprise, and provide real-time and correct information for all warehouse activities, resources and inventory levels.

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