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Volume 33 (2009)

Volume 33, Number 1, 2009

pdf, 8,56 MB

S. Lian,D. Kanellopoulos, G. Ruffo

Recent Advances in Multimedia Information System Security
S. Lian,D. Kanellopoulos, G. Ruffo

Detection of Stego Anomalies in Images Exploiting the Content Independent Statistical Footprints of the Steganograms
S. Geetha, S.S. Sivatha Sindhu, N. Kamaraj

Steganography Combining Data Decomposition Mechanism and Stego-coding Method
X. Zhang, S. Wang, W. Zhang

Blind Watermark Estimation Attack for Spread Spectrum Watermarking
H. Malik

Visual Security Assessment for Cipher-Images based on Neighborhood Similarity
Y. Yao, Z. Xu, J. Sun

Secure, Portable, and Customizable Video Lectures for E-learning on the Move
M. Furini

Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia Metadata on a Secure DHT
W. Allasia, F. Gallo, M. Milanesio, R. Schifanella

End of Special Issue / Start of normal papers

Multi-Modal Emotional Database: AvID
R. Gajšek, V. Štruc, F. Mihelič, A. Podlesek, L. Komidar, G. Sočan, B. Bajec

Efficient Morphological Parsing with a Weighted Finite State Transducer
D. Ćavar, Ivo-Pavao Jazbec, Siniša Runjaić


Volume 33, Number 2, 2009

pdf, 7,79 MB

An Exquisite Mutual Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement Using Smart Card
C.-H. Liao, H.-C. Chen, C.-T. Wang

Routing Scalability in Multicore-Based Ad Hoc Networks
A. Marowka

Similarity Measures for Relational Databases
M. Hajdinjak, A. Bauer

Robust H1 Control of a Doubly Fed Asynchronous Machine
G. Sofiane, Y. Said, S. Moussa

Balancing Load in a Computational Grid Applying Adaptive, Intelligent Colonies of Ants
M.A. Salehi, H. Deldari, B.M. Dorri

Improving Part-of-Speech Tagging Accuracy for Croatian by Morphological Analysis
Ž. Agić, Z. Dovedan, M. Tadić

Applying SD-Tree for Object-Oriented query processing
I.E. Shanthi, R. Nadarajan

Improving Design Pattern Adoption with An Ontology-Based Repository
L. Pavlic, M. Hericko, V. Podgorelec,I. Rozman

Historical Impulse Response of Return Analysis Shows Information Technology Improves Stock Market Efficiency
W. Leigh, R. Purvis

Fall Detection and Activity Recognition with Machine Learning
M. Luštrek, B. Kaluža

Rajan Transform and its uses in Pattern Recognition
E.N. Mandalapu, E.G. Rajan

A Petri-Net Approach to Refining Object Behavioural Specifications
K.-S. Cheung, P. K.-O. Chow

A Multi-class SVM Classifier Utilizing Binary Decision Tree
G. Madzarov, D. Gjorgjevikj, I. Chorbev

Churn Prediction Model in Retail Banking Using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
D. Popović, B.D. Bašić

Volume 33, Number 3, 2009

pdf, 4,63 MB

Special Issue on Information Reuse and Integration
R. Alhajj, K. Zhang

Identifying Learners Robust to Low Quality Data
A.A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J.Van Hulse, A. Napolitano

A General Purpose Software Evaluation System
B.H. Far, V. Mudigonda,A.-H. Elamy

Online WordNet Based Tagging System for Social Sharing and Retrieval of Images on Visited Pages
T. Özyer

Dialog System for Open-Ended Conversation Using Web Documents
M. Shibata, T. Nishiguchi, Y. Tomiura

Optimization of Actions in Activation Timed Influence Nets
M.F. Rafi, A.K. Zaidi, A.H. Levis, P. Papantoni-Kazakos

Two-Way Mapping between Object-Oriented Databases and XML
T. Naser, R. Alhajj, M.J. Ridley

End of Special Issue / Start of normal papers

Rate Distortion Manifolds as Model Spaces for Cognitive Information
J.F. Glazebrook, R. Wallace

Comparative Study of Tripartite Identity-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols
M. Hölbl, T. Welzer, B. Brumen

Semantic Graphs Derived From Triplets pplicwith Aation in Document Summarization
D. Rusu, B. Fortuna, M. Grobelnik, D. Mladenić

Improving HTML Compression
P. Skibinski

Coordinated UAV Manoeuvring Flight Formation
H. Hexmoor, S. Rahimi, J.T. Little

Robustness and Visualization of Decision Models
A. Bregar, J. Györkös, M.B. Juric

Run-time Manipulation of Programs in a Statically-Typed Language
S. Greiner

First Call for Papers: IFIP AI 2010

Volume 33, Number 4, 2009

pdf, 13,5MB

Editor’s Introduction to the Special Issue on System Modeling and Transformation Principles
A. Derezinska

Simulation and Performance Analysis of Distributed Internet Systems Using TCPNs
S. Samolej, T. Rak

Transformation of XML Data into XML Normal Form
T. Pankowski, T. Pilka

Realization of UML Class and State Machine Models in the C# Code Generation and Execution Framework
A. Derezinska, R. Pilitowski

End of Special Issue / Start of normal papers

A Pseudo Random Bit Generator Based on Chaotic Logistic Map and its Statistical Testing
V. Patidar, K.K. Sud, N.K. Pareek

Computational Reduction of Wilson’s Primality Test for Modern Cryptosystems
C.-L. Wu, D.-C. Lou, T.-J. Chang

Multi-attribute Decision Analysis in GIS: Weighted Linear Combination and Ordered Weighted Averaging
S. Drobne, A. Lisec

Eyeball Localization Based on Angular Integral Projection Function
G.J. Mohammed, B. Hong, A.A. Jarjes

Secure Convertible Authenticated Encryption Scheme Based on RSA
T.-S. Wu, H.-Y. Lin

Extended Symbolic Mining of Textures with Association Rules
I. Kononenko, M. Bevk

Systematic Construction of Software Architecture Supported by Enhanced First-Class Connectors
A. Amirat, M. Oussalah

Improvements to a Roll-Back Mechanism for Asynchronous Checkpointing and Recovery
M. Kapus-Kolar