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Volume 30 (2006)

Volume 30, Number 1, 2006

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A. Omicini, P. Petta, M. Gams

Issues in Multiagent Resource Allocation
Y. Chevaleyre, P.E. Dunne, U. Endriss, J. Lang, M. Lemaître, N. Maudet, J. Padget, S. Phelps, J.A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, P. Sousa

A Survey of Programming Languages and Platforms for Multi-Agent Systems
R.H. Bordini, L. Braubach, M. Dastani, A. El F. Seghrouchni, J.J. Gomez-Sanz, J. Leite, G. O'Hare, A. Pokahr, A. Ricci

Self-Organisation and Emergence in MAS: An Overview
G. Di M. Serugendo, M.-P. G. Irit, A. Karageorgos

Bio-inspired Mechanisms for Artificial Self-organised Systems
M. Jean-Pierre, B. Christine, L. Gabriel, G. Pierre

Self-Organising Mechanisms from Social and Business/Economics Approaches
S. Hassas, G. Di Marzo-Serugendo, A. Karageorgos, C. Castelfranchi

Applications of Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems: An Initial Framework for Comparison
C. Bernon, V. Chevrier, V. Hilaire, P. Marrow

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Eye-Tracking Adaptable e-Learning and Content Authoring Support
M. Pivec, C. Trummer, J. Pripfl

Integration of Access Control in Information Systems: From Role Engineering to Implementation
T. Romuald, C. Stéphane

A Formal Framework Supporting the Specification of the Interactions between Agents
F. Mokhati, M. Badri, L. Badri

A Review of Modular Multiplication Methods ands Respective Hardware Implementation
N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle

Researchers and Development - Young Researches
M. Cernetic, B. Cernetic


Volume 30, Number 2, 2006

pdf, 2.52 MB

S. Bloehdorn, W. Buntine, A. Hotho

Semantic Search in Tabular Structures
A. Pivk, M. Gams, M. Luštrek

Beyond Term Indexing: A P2P Framework for Web Information Retrieval
I. Podnar, M. Rajman, T. Luu, F. Klemm, K. Aberer

A Semantic Kernel to Classify Texts with Very Few Training Examples
R. Basili, M. Cammisa, A. Moschitti

Captain Nemo: A Metasearch Engine with Personalized Hierarchical Search Space
S. Souldatos, T. Dalamagas, T. Sellis

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Plan Sharing: Showcasing Coordinated UAV Formation Flight
H. Hexmoor, S. Eluru, H. Sabaa

An Integration Rule Processing Algorithm and Execution Environment for Distributed Component Integration
Y. Jin, S.D. Urban, S.W. Dietrich, A. Sundermier

A PC-based Decision Support System for Optimal Cutting of Logs in Veneers Production
A. Cižman, M. Urh

Dissipationless Waves for Information Transfer in Neurobiology-Some Implications
D.D. Georgiev, J.F. Glazebrook

Actors as a Coordinating Model of Computation
N. Raja, R.K. Shyamasundar

On Integrating Conversations into Web Services Composition
Z. Maamar, S.K. Mostéfaoui

An Overview of Slicing Techniques for Object-Oriented Programs
D.P. Mohapatra, R. Mall, R. Kumar


Volume 30, Number 3, 2006

pdf, 2.46 MB

A. Brodnik

Deterministic Soliton Graphs
M. Bartha, M. Krész

Expected Case for Projecting Points
S. Cabello, M. DeVos, B. Mohar

The spectra of Knödel graphs
H.A. Harutyunyan, C.D. Morosan

On the Crossing Number of Almost Planar Graphs
B. Mohar

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Unsupervised Feature Extraction for Time Series Clustering Using Orthogonal Wavelet Transform
H. Zhang, T.B. Ho, Y. Zhang, M.-S. Lin

Coloring Weighted Series-Parallel Graphs
G. Fijavž

Credit Classification Using Grammatical Evolution
A. Brabazon, M. O'Neill

Integration of Bargaining into E-Business Systems
H.C. Mayr, K.-D. Schewe, B. Thalheim, T. Welzer

An Overview of Multimedia Content-Based Retrieval Strategies
A. Mittal

A Three-Phase Algorithm for Computer Aided siRNA Design
H. Zhou, X. Zeng, Y. Wang, B.R. Seyfarth

A Study of Fairness of Information Distribution and Utilization in a Mobile Agent-Based Adaptive Information Service System
I. Ahmed, M.J. Sadiq

Isolated Words Recognition System Based on Hybrid Approach DTW/GHMM
E-H. Bourouba, M. Bedda, R. Djemili

Volume 30, Number 4, 2006

pdf, 2.87 MB

V. A. Fomichov

Cognitonics as a New Science and Its Significance for Informatics and Information Society
V. A. Fomichov, O. S. Fomichova

“ADDIZIONARIO”: a New Tool for Learning between Metacognition and Creativity
M. A. Zanetti, G. Turrini, D. Miazza

AddizionarioPLUS: a Creative Approach to Linguistic and Intercultural Education
G. Turrini, P. Baroni, A. Paccosi

Don Quixote 1605-2005: Teaching Don Quixote on WebCT in the 21st Century
R. Moore

Modern Methods for Stimulating Creativity in Education
P.Chakalisa, D. Mapolelo, D. M. Totev, E. D.Totev

New and Old Technologies: a Suitable Combination for Obtaining Efficient Educational Results
S. G. Tropiano

How Learner's Proficiency May Be Increased Using Knowledge about Users within an E-Learning Platform
D. D. Burdescu, M. C. Mihaescu

Surfing Hypertexts with a Metacognition Tool
G. Chiazzese, S. Ottaviano, G. Merlo, A. Chiari, M. Allegra, L. Seta and G. Todaro

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SI-PRON Pronunciation Lexicon: a New Language Resource for Slovenian
J. Ž. Gros, V. Cvetko-Orešnik, P. Jakopin

A System Generating CV through Intelligent Agents and Apache Cocoon
E. J. González, A. Hamilton, L. Moreno, J. A. Méndez, J. Sigut, M. Sigut

Statistical Dependency Parsing of Four Treebanks
A. Chanev

Knowledge vs. Simulation for Bidding in Tarok
D. Marincic, M. Gams, M. Luštrek

Fully Automatic Assessment of Speech of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate
A. Maier, E. Nöth, A. Batliner, E. Nkenke, M. Schuster

Morphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene Legal Language
T. Erjavec, B. Sárossy