Call for special issue

Call for Special Issue

Special Issue On: Machine Learning Techniques for Social Network Analysis
Submission Due Date: 06/30/2017


Guest Editors: 
Samarjeet Borah PhD, Sikkim Manipal University, India
Jia-Ching Wang PhD, National Central University, Taiwan
Ir. Jarot S. Suroso, PhD, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia 

social network is becoming a major platform for information interchange in recent times. A major group of people are involved with such kind of networks. Social networks have greatly influenced the usage pattern of Internet by common man. It has fuelled the penetration of internet into the life of even the ordinary people. Such an exponential rise in the use of the World Wide Web due to social networks started to fetch huge volume of data across diverse domains in short period of time. This huge amount data generated by the social networks can be categorized as Big Data. Since the use of big data analytical techniques in many domains have obtained remarkable improvements in the way various businesses operate, we consider that social network domain is not an exception to this perception. The analysis of structured and unstructured data from social networks leads to social network analytics. Some of such kind of data generators are - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, various blogs, micro blogs, wikis etc.

Analysis of social media data can be categorized as – content based analysis and structure based analysis. Various tools/techniques that can be used in analysis of such kind of huge data are - predictive analytics, data mining, statistical analysis, complex SQL, data visualization, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Machine learning algorithms also play a major role in social media analysis.

The aim of this special issue is to promote research in social network analysis by using various machine learning techniques. This will lead to the development of new and improvised applications in various domains such as business, product development/improvement, political, social reformation, other services etc. Original research works, insightful research and practice notes, case studies, and surveys on the said domain are invited academia, government, and industry.

Recommended Topics: 

The proposed special issue is aiming at application of various machine learning techniques, such as: Decision tree learning, Naïve Bayes, Nearest Neighbour classifier, Maximum Entropy method, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Dynamic Language Model Classifier, Linear Regression and Logistic Regression, Simple Logistic Classifier, Bayes Net and Multilayer Perception in
the following (but are not limited to):

  • Social Networking Platforms

  • Social Physics and Social Networks

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Social Networks Mathematical Models

  • Social Networks Privacy Preservation

  • Social Networks and Economics

  • Extraction and tracking the flow of relevant information

  • Correcting for the effects of missing and incomplete data

  • Predicting and modelling the flow of information

  • Identifying networks of information flow

  • Predicting and recommending links in network

  • Modelling Tie Strength

  • Modelling trust and distrust, friends and foes

  • Clustering of Complex Networks

  • Tracking Change of Networks over Time

  • Crime and social network analysis

  • Statistical models for Social Networks

  • Social Cloud

  • Cloud Computing based Online Social Networks

  • Monitoring Cloud-based Computing

  • User intent analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Identification of string/weak ties in the network

  • Identification of small world

  • Visualization of ego-network

  • Social ego analysis

  • Sentiment analysis


Key Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline      : 06/30/2017

Author Notification                   : 08/30/2017

Final Manuscript Deadline         : 10/30/2017


All submissions and inquiries should be directed to the attention of:

Samarjeet Borah, PhD, 
Email: /
Jia-Ching Wang PhD,

Ir. Jarot S.Suroso, PhD,