Call for special issue

Call for Special Issue

Special Issue On: Special Issue Proposal on Autonomic computing and applications for autonomous systems
Submission Due Date:
 January 15, 2019


Guest Editors: 
Weiping Zhang

Mohit Kumar

Autonomic computing is a self-managing computing model named after, and patterned on, the human body's autonomic nervous system. An autonomic computing system would control the functioning of computer applications and systems without input from the user, in the same way that the autonomic nervous system regulates body systems without conscious input from the individual. The goal of autonomic computing is to create systems that run themselves, capable of high-level functioning while keeping the system's complexity invisible to the user. The need for such autonomic system and application management is becoming critical as computing infrastructures become increasingly heterogeneous, integrating different classes of resources from high-end HPC systems to commodity clusters and clouds. Clouds are complex, large-scale, and heterogeneous distributed systems, management of their resources is a challenging task. They need automated and integrated intelligent strategies for provisioning of resources to offer services that are secure, reliable, and cost-efficient. Hence, effective management of services becomes fundamental in software platforms that constitute the fabric of computing Clouds.

The aim of this special issue is to promote research in social network analysis by using various machine learning techniques. This will lead to the development of new and improvised applications in various domains such as business, product development/improvement, political, social reformation, other services etc. Original research works, insightful research and practice notes, case studies, and surveys on the said domain are invited academia, government, and industry.

Potential Topics:

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

·         Dependable Large Scale Distributed Systems (Cloud, Grid, P2P, Virtualization)

·         Autonomic Computing (Architectures and Systems, Theory and Models)

·         Autonomic computing and proactive computing for autonomous systems

·         Autonomic computing and proactive computing for autonomous systems

·        Self-optimizing software systems

·         Self-stabilization and dynamic stability criteria and mechanisms

·        Tools, languages and platforms for designing self-driven systems

·        Autonomic computing and proactive computing for autonomous systems

·         Monitoring and Control in Large Scale distributed System

·         Fault-tolerant Systems; Dependability in autonomous systems; Survivability and recovery in autonomous systems; Monitoring and control in autonomous systems



Important dates (Tentative):

Paper Submission Deadline:January 15, 2019

First notification of Acceptance/Rejection: April 15, 2019

Deadline for submission of revised manuscripts: June 15, 2019

Final notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2019

Deadline for final paper: August 15, 2019


Submission and Proceedings

Authors should submit their papers at and choose the "Special Issue on Autonomic computing and applications for autonomous systems".
Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the thematic issue editors (by email) in advance, indicating a tentative title of the paper.

Guest Editors

Dr. Weiping Zhang
Vice Dean
Binhai Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University
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