Vol 34, No 2 (2010)

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Special issue papers

Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue on Quantitative Risk Analysis Techniques for Security Applications PDF
C. Kiekintveld, J. Marecki, P. Paruchuri, K. Sycara
A Framework for Evaluating Deployed Security Systems: Is There a Chink in your ARMOR? PDF
M.E. Taylor, C. Kiekintveld, C. Western, M. Tambe
Application of Microsimulation to the Modelling of Epidemics and Terrorist Attacks  PDF
I. Piper, D. Keep, T. Green, I. Zhang
Strategic Modeling of Information Sharing among Data Privacy Attackers PDF
Q. Duong, K. LeFevre, M.P. Wellman
Planning to Discover and Counteract Attacks PDF
T. Kichkaylo, T. Ryutov, M.D. Orosz, R. Neches

Regular papers

Improving Morphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene Language through Meta-tagging PDF
J. Rupnik, M. Grčar, T. Erjavec
A Study of Analysing IT Digital Coping Strategies PDF
Y.-M. Chu, L.-L. Hsu, J.-T. Yang
Piecemeal Journey to 'HALCYON' World of Computing: From Past Progress to Future Challenges PDF
R. Seth, R. Kapoor, H. Al-Qaheri, S. Sanyal
Separating Interleaved HTTP Sessions Using a Stochastic Model PDF
M. Poženel, V. Mahnič, M. Kukar
A Simulation Study on the Impact of Mobility Models on the Network Connectivity, Hop Count and Lifetime of Routes for Ad hoc Networks PDF
N. Meghanathan
Enhanced Relevance-Based Approach for Network Controls PDF PDF
A. Rahim, F. bin Muhaya, Z.S. Khan, M.A. Ansari, M. Sher
Fast Scalar Multiplications on Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystems PDF PDF
L. You, J. Zeng
On the Security of Two Group Signature Schemes with Forward Security PDF PDF
K. Kim, I. Yie, D. Nyang
A Web-Mining Approach to Disambiguate Biomedical Acronym Expansions PDF
M. Roche, V. Prince
A Risk Management System to Oppose Cyber Bullying in High School: Warning System with Leaflets and Emergency Staffs PDF
H. Yasuda
Text Mining for Discovering Implicit Relationships in Biomedical Literature PDF
I. Petrič
Parsing with Intraclausal Coordination and Clause Detection PDF
D. Marinčič

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